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Cowboy Enterprises, LLC

Cowboy Enterprises, LLC
Cowboy Enterprises, LLC
Nature's Recipe for Healthy Animals


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Goat Health & Products

The same SweetPro® “stage of growth” blocks that are used for cattle can be used for goats and dairy goats. Simply use the higher or lower number depending on forage quality and quantity to regulate intake per head/day.


SweetPro® for Goats

Goats are unlike sheep in their copper requirements. SweetPro® provides everything your goats need for optimal health and excellent feed efficiency.


SweetPro® benefits all classes of goats, from pregnant does to kids and billys.


In addition to supported health, users are pleased with fertility levels and percentages of successful multiple births.


Stage of Growth Blocks

Starter & Cattle Kandi

Fortified protein supplements for lush forage conditions.


SweetPro 16

For good forage conditions


SweetPro® for Goats

FiberMate 18

For average forage conditions.


FiberMate 20

For low consumption and tough forage conditions.


Specialty Blocks

FiberMate 28

For low consumption and tougher forage conditions.



All natural supplement with diatomaceous earth.


PowerMate II

Use when consumption of PowerMate exceeds recommended levels.


Specialty Meal

Fresh Start

A total mixed rations (TMR) meal supplement for all stages of growth and all classes of goats.



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