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I used to not be a big believer in extra supplements for my horse. I just thought hay was enough until I started using Equipride. I truly believe that Equipride has helped my horse to better absorb the nutrients in her hay. Like humans, horses’s health starts from within. EquidPride helps to create a healthy gut and maintain overall health. My horse’s coat is shinier, her mane and tail have grown and her hooves are strong and healthy. But these are just the benefits I can see from the outside. My horse used to have an issue with what we suspected to be ulcers. Having been on Equipride her incidences of colic like symptoms caused by ulcers has drastically reduced. Any horse I ever own will be put on EquiPride.

EquiGold is another product that I will always have on hand. My horse tends to show signs of colic with swings in temp and barometric pressure. We now give her a tube of Gold the day before expecting these huge swings and we no longer have any issue. My horse also gets anxiety and stress during competitions and long hauls. After giving her Equigold I can definitely see a difference in her. She is calmer and focused so that she can concentrate her energy on the job at hand. I will always have a tube of EquiGold on hand.


Carin B.


EquiPride has been a part of my feeding for my horses for 8 years. I was introduced to EquiPride by a friend to assist with a coat issue I had with a filly of mine. Within 90 days, I could not believe my rusty brownish colored horse was a velvet black! Also, my fierier for several years said to me, WOW what have you done with this horse her coat and weight is perfect! I did not really notice but she finally was keeping weight on her.


4 years ago I was blessed with a retired reining horse “Doc”. He was 19 years old, out of shape, prone to colic and in need of some muscle. EquiPride assisted immediately with a difference in coat and muscle mass. At 20 years old I started competing in English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Gymkhana, and Ranch Trail. He gained muscle and has never shown any sign of stopping.


Doc is now 23 years old. Concerned with the stress of trailering and traveling to new venues he was extremely prone to have some stomach issues. I was introduced to EquiPride Gold last year right before a big event at the Colorado Horse Expo. Used this product for the first time, and Doc never was upset or nervous about the travel time or the strange stall areas and the 18 hour day of competing on and off. This is my go-to product every time before during and after a major event.


Christine E.

Parker, CO



I have been competing in Colorado High School Rodeo for the past year and something I’ve quickly learned is that my horse and I need to be in the best shape as possible. Their job is to stand in a trailer for long amounts of time and then get out to compete.


So my job is to make sure that they are at their best. As I’ve gone through my season I’ve realized what works for my horses and what doesn’t, but the major things that haven’t changed in my routine are giving them the Equipride® Gold Horse Paste and EquiLix® tubs. The paste combats two of my greatest worries in traveling: stress and poor digestion. I run a very hot mare and I know that getting her ready with this paste is going to help with her stress. She stays calm traveling, staying in a stall, and even right before a run. Once out in the arena, I know that she will give me her all.


A key staple in my Horses’ routine is the EquiLix® tub.


My Horses rely on having this supplement in front of them at all times. I noticed that almost immediately after putting my mare on the tub her coat became shinier and her mane and tail are growing faster. Her hooves are healthier and I know that she is going to be prepared coming into the Winter months.


I love these products and highly recommend!


Kallie R.

Elizabeth, CO



We have been using Fresh Start loose meal for our Suri Alpacas and are very pleased with the results we are seeing. We originally purchased it to help a couple of our older females to gain weight.  We are seeing steady weight gain on them and in addition, we are seeing an increase in the quality of the fiber on all of our alpacas.


We mix it in with their grain daily and they love it. I truly feel that it is improving the overall health of my herd.


Thank you, Shawna and Todd, for introducing us to this product!


Lisa Haselhorst

Grandview Suri Alpacas, Parker, CO



In the last 4-5 years, Toby has consistently come out of our cold Winters into Spring always underweight, no matter what I tried.


I introduced EquiPride® to his regular feeding schedule in May of 2016.  Through the past 3-4 months, not only has he filled out in his all-around body muscle, but he also has more energy.  His coat is shiny and I know he feels better.   I plan to continue this supplement in Toby's feeding program so he will come out of this Winter into the Spring ahead of the game looking Healthy and Happy.


Thank you for introducing me to EquiPride®.

Owner of Toby - 24-year-old Quarter Horse Gelding


Pam W.

Parker, CO



After trying EquiPride® for only 8 weeks on both my Horses (Sunny, TB age 27, and Cita, Paint age 4), I have to say I have seen a huge improvement in both horses.


Sunny has more "get up and go” and is acting like a teenager again. Sunny's "Sand Colic" has not been a problem since he has been on EquiPride®, a huge plus for me.


Cita has filled out and looks fantastic with a sparkle in her eye and beautiful sheen to her coat. She is now getting that muscle tone I have been looking for.


"I am getting compliments on her condition everywhere I go".


I will continue to feed the recommended dosage of EquiPride® daily. I have attached pictures of the before and after, I’ll let you decide which is which.


Thank you for introducing me to a great product!


Andy N.

Elbert, CO



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